Israeli forces say 3 Palestinians killed in occupied West Bank

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Three Palestinians have been killed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at the Jenin Camp in the occupied West Bank, the IDF announced on Sunday.

The IDF said that they had thwarted a “terrorist cell” in the camp. According to the IDF, three individuals who were part of the cell were killed during the operation.

The IDF released a statement detailing the incident, stating that the head of the cell, Naif Abu Tsuik, along with two other members, were killed. An M-16 rifle was also found in the vehicle used by the cell.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has not yet issued a statement regarding the deaths. Eyewitnesses reported that the vehicle, with the bodies inside, was taken by Israeli soldiers.

Hamas spokesman, Hazem Qassem, condemned the incident, calling it a “new crime” committed by the “Zionist enemy.”

He stated that the occupation will not escape the consequences of its actions and that the Palestinian people would continue their resistance.

This weekend, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said a Palestinian man was shot and killed by Israeli settlers in the village of Burqa, near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

The incident drew US condemnation and two Israelis were arrested – it is rare for Israeli settlers to be arrested for attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank

On Saturday night, an Israeli patrolman was shot and killed in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian gunman who was also shot and killed, Israeli authorities said.

Jenin has long been a flashpoint – last month saw Israeli forces carry out their largest-scale military operation there in decades.

The unrest left at least 12 Palestinians dead and caused widespread destruction to the city’s refugee camp.

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