Nikki Haley slams Ramaswamy over proposal to cut off most Israel aid by 2028: ‘Concerning pattern’

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Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley blasted her fellow Republican presidential opponent Vivek Ramaswamy over his foreign policy views and recent comments about Israel.

Haley fired off a blistering press release Monday against Ramaswamy after the GOP presidential candidate’s recent comments about cutting off Israel funding in 2028.

‘Vivek Ramaswamy is completely wrong to call for ending America’s special bond with Israel,’ Haley said. ‘Support for Israel is both the morally right and strategically smart thing to do.’

‘Both countries are stronger and safer because of our iron-clad friendship,’ the former South Carolina governor continued. ‘As president, I will never abandon Israel.’

Haley called Ramaswamy’s comments ‘part of a concerning pattern with Vivek’ and that between ‘abandoning Israel, abolishing the FBI, and giving Taiwan to China, his foreign policy proposals have a common theme: they make America less safe.’

Haley campaign spokesperson Ken Farnaso also tweeted on Monday that the former U.N. ambassador ‘will always defend America’s ironclad friendship with Israel.’

In response to Haley’s comments, Ramaswamy campaign spokesperson Tricia McLaughlin told Fox News Digital, ‘We wish her well on her future in corporate America’s boardrooms.’

During an interview this weekend on Russell Brand’s Rumble show, Ramaswamy said he would end funding to Israel when a $38 billion package ends in 2028.

‘Come 2028, that additional aid won’t be necessary in order to still have the kind of stability that we’d actually have in the Middle East by having Israel more integrated in with its partners,’ Ramaswamy said.

Ramaswamy also said that he would expand the Abraham Accords if elected president and that Israel should be able to stand ‘on its own feet.’

‘Israel should not receive preferential treatment from the United States, even though our relationship with Israel has advanced American interests,’ he continued.

‘We will not leave Israel hanging out to dry — ever,’ Ramaswamy also said. ‘The centerpiece of my Middle East policy in year one will be to consummate ‘Abraham Accords 2.0,’ which will be good for the U.S. and good for Israel.’

‘If we can lead the way in helping Israel fully integrate into the economic and security infrastructure of the Middle East via Abraham Accords 2.0, it is better for everyone if Israel is truly able to stand on its own feet with support from partners across the Middle East that we diplomatically bring to the table.’

Ramaswamy garnered some controversy when he said he would allow Russia to keep parts of Ukraine and is against the eastern European nation from joining NATO.

The shots between the presidential candidates come ahead of Wednesday’s first GOP debate to determine the White House nominee in 2024.

Both Haley and Ramaswamy are set to take the debate stage this week and test their mettle against the panel of other candidates.

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